Updated: Apr 21, 2020

This quick and easy delight makes one big cup of goodness; sure, you can multiply the servings if the kids start to beg, or add a shot of your most favorite alcohol if they’re already asleep.

Now, let’s get these ingredients into the blender. I usually add the frozen items first followed by what’s left, topping off with mango juice. If you’re a fan you can add a scoop of protein powder and the taste will still be great.

Ingredients for Recipe

½ cup – Carrot (frozen)

½ cup – Strawberry (frozen)

½ cup – Kiwi

1 cup – Pineapple (frozen)

2 cup – Mango Juice

Get ready for the noise! Don’t worry this one’s worth it. It’s healthy and sweet and is always the request from housemates and houseguest; Enjoy this delight during the day or night.

Depending on how frozen your ingredients were, you may want to give it a few more spins just to blend everything out.

Look at those colors, this smoothie is quit the looker in your hands and a cool treat for your taste buds. Smoothies can be fun and helpful in replenishing your body. We have to always remember our health and consume things that benefit our body. The right mix of vegetable and fruit is a major part of making a smoothie. This smoothie has been created to benefit you and your family, inside and out.

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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

These babies are big and juicy, yes, a whole half a pound of beef per patty. Don’t be shy I will get you in the perfect position to execute this family time favorite. The French fries come right out of the bag so don’t get worried; I’m sure your presentation will be as good looking as this when your done.

Just mix these few ingredients together to make sure you get everything intact; Use a big bowl and pour the spices over the beef then add the onions while mushing together.

Ingredients for Recipe

2 pounds – Beef (4 patties)

2 tablespoon – Minced garlic

2 tablespoon – Nature Seasoning

1 cup – Onions

Get it into a big ball then begin to portion it into four equal patties, use your hand to mold them and compress the ingredients until you have a beautiful hamburger ready to cook. You could always use a specific choice of meat (i.e. Turkey, pork, or even plant-based meat).

Grill these masterpieces to your preferred cooking temperature but make sure they are cooked through because these are big ones. I place a few chips of cheddar chunks on top as they cooled before bun placement.

The fries and buns are a Walmart brand, but are still the quality needed to complete this tummy fuller. Now let’s hurry and fry these up, they are already seasoned but I still add a few shakes of salt or whatever is a best for you.

Add lettuce, tomato to give it a crisp when you bite. Top it off with these sauces: ketchup, mayo, and mustard. A pickle is tucked in there as I carefully built this tower of tastiness. This will soon become a meal that is called upon a few times a month.

With the size of these burgers and the probability of the need to make more than four is highly likely due to the begging kids and the inevitable call for seconds as soon as the plate is served. It's okay to allow the little ones to partake in the preparation. Their little hands will be helpful in pushing out a lot of patties for today and tomorrow.

Once competed, these large delights take time to devour and give the family time to enjoy each other, communicate, and to see who finishes first. This recipe was created to highlight family activities and to put a little work into preparing something that will fill the tummy’s and hearts of your family; This one is definitely for your family.