Smoothie Recipe - Mango Smoothie

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

This quick and easy delight makes one big cup of goodness; sure, you can multiply the servings if the kids start to beg, or add a shot of your most favorite alcohol if they’re already asleep.

Now, let’s get these ingredients into the blender. I usually add the frozen items first followed by what’s left, topping off with mango juice. If you’re a fan you can add a scoop of protein powder and the taste will still be great.

Ingredients for Recipe

½ cup – Carrot (frozen)

½ cup – Strawberry (frozen)

½ cup – Kiwi

1 cup – Pineapple (frozen)

2 cup – Mango Juice

Get ready for the noise! Don’t worry this one’s worth it. It’s healthy and sweet and is always the request from housemates and houseguest; Enjoy this delight during the day or night.

Depending on how frozen your ingredients were, you may want to give it a few more spins just to blend everything out.

Look at those colors, this smoothie is quit the looker in your hands and a cool treat for your taste buds. Smoothies can be fun and helpful in replenishing your body. We have to always remember our health and consume things that benefit our body. The right mix of vegetable and fruit is a major part of making a smoothie. This smoothie has been created to benefit you and your family, inside and out.

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