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Baby Learn Online, Inc. is an educational technology company that focuses on early childhood development and connecting children around the world together.


The company promotes that vision through the development of software applications, and the production of entertainment content. The company operates in four business segments: Mobile Application Development and Publishing, Entertainment and Media Production for Online Distribution, Educational E-book Publishing, and Online Direct to Consumer Retail of Clothing and other Consumer Products. 


The idea began to sprout when the founder seen their child playing on the tablet. From there, the formulated thought of young children and babies learning online via mobile application developed and became greater over a period of time.


When we began creating the mobile applications, we had quality interaction, knowledge improvement and information recall in mind for babies and toddlers. As we all know, an immense boost in online learning and education is important. That’s where Baby Learn Online mobile educational apps enter. With our mobile technology, you will see a tremendous growth in your child’s development.


Baby Learn Online champions product innovation for children and their parents and/or guardians around the world and is dedicated to creating educational and entertainment content for our customer base. 


The company was designed to provide advanced educational applications that revolutionize the world of education for toddlers and babies.

Asahntai Jackson

Founder & CEO profile


Asahntai Jackson is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Baby Learn Online. 


She acts as the company’s public face and makes major corporate decisions. She is in charge of managing Baby Learn Online by setting the tone, vision, and the culture of the company. 


Asahntai devotes her work fulltime to Baby Learn Online and is driven by success, performance, and vision. She takes pride in providing the best overall performance for the company. 


After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing for entertainment, she entered graduate school to explore her passion for storytelling and of the physical logistics of journalism.


In addition to her primary job functions, she serves as a learning coach and mother to two young children. A boy who is 8 years young and a girl who is 7 years young. She has been recognized by other CEO’s and employees for her honor and extraordinary commitment to Baby Learn Online. When she’s not keeping busy with managing the company, you can find her on Instagram.

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